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CasertaRoyal Palace of Caserta

Royal Palace of Caserta, Versailles of Southern Europe

Don’t miss exploring the Royal Palace of Caserta, often referred to as the "Versailles of Italy" and one of the largest palaces by volume. Retrace the lifestyle of Bourbon royalty as you wander through sprawling English gardens with cascading fountains, luxuriously decorated apartments, a precious art collection, and much more. Located just 40 minutes from Naples, this masterpiece of Italian Baroque is also a  UNESCO World Heritage site. Book your tickets and plan a seamless visit with our handy guide. 

Things to know before buying Royal Palace of Caserta tickets

  • If you have wisely availed yourself of the Artecard Campania, you can enter for free by using one of your two free visits with the 3-day card, or one of five free sites with the 7-day card. Else, you’re entitled to a reduced ticket price starting from €7.

  • The palace is one of the largest in the world, with around 1,200 rooms, only a quarter of which are open to public exploration. The Royal Park itself is three kilometers long, stretching out from the rear of the building and up a hill. A guided tour is a smart way to streamline your experience, enjoy exciting insights about its rich Bourbon heritage, and cover all the major and minor highlights.

  • Citizens of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein between the ages of 18 and 24 (up to their 25th birthday) can get tickets for €5. A valid ID is required. Free entry is also available for people under 18, individuals with disabilities, accompanying school groups, Italian teachers, scholars, professors, tutors, university students for study purposes, and both Italian and foreign journalists.

  • We strongly recommend buying your tickets online to avoid long queues that can stretch up to 30 minutes to an hour (especially in peak season) and to secure your preferred time slot. Note that tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable, so double-check your plans before booking.

  • Caserta Palace is a popular getaway from Naples. If you're visiting from Naples, take the easy button and get tickets with round-trip transfers. From your travel logistics to priority entry at the venue, everything is taken care of. 

  • The Caserta Palace offers free entry on the first Sunday of the month. Please note that the Palace can be unusually crowded these days. Also, certain areas like the English gardens within the Royal Park might be closed. 

  • Your Caserta Palace tickets use a time-slot entry system. Each section, including the Apartments, Park, Court Theatre, Palatine Chapel, Gran Gallery, and English Gardens, has unique opening hours. Knowing these timings allows you to choose an ideal slot and craft a perfect itinerary to maximize your exploration.

Which Royal Palace of Caserta ticket is best for you?

royal palace of caserta tickets

Standard tickets

Suited for: Independent exploration, budget travel, short on time
Duration: Flexible 
Royal Park access: Yes
Apartments access: Option to upgrade for extra €11
Priority access: No
Guide: Optional audio guide at extra €3 

  • This is perfect if you prefer to explore the Royal Palace of Caserta at your own pace without being tied to a tour schedule. 
  • By only paying for the specific sections you want to visit (such as the gardens or apartments), and optional extras like audio guides, you can manage your expenses better and personalize your visit as per your interests and schedule. 

Recommended tickets:

Royal Palace of Caserta

Guided tours

Suited for: Comprehensive and informative experience
Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
Gardens access: Yes
Apartments access: Yes
Priority access: Yes
Guide: Yes, English and/or Italian-speaking guide with audio headsets

  • Skip-the-line entry saves time, allowing you to see more in less time, which is perfect for an efficient and enriching visit.
  • Gain valuable historical and cultural information from an expert guide, enhancing your understanding of the palace's significance and history.
  • The small group size allows for a more intimate and engaging experience, making it easier to ask questions and interact with the guide.

Recommended tickets:

Royal Palace of Caserta

Day trips

Suited for: Convenient travel, all-inclusive day trip from Naples 
Duration: Flexible - 5 hours
Gardens access: Yes
Apartments access: Yes
Priority access: Yes
Guide: Audio guide (Italian, English, Spanish, French) with 

  • Includes round-trip train tickets, or round-trip shuttle transfers to/from Naples, making travel hassle-free.
  • Enjoy priority access to the palace with an informative multilingual audio guide. 

Recommended tickets:

Discounted Tickets

Children under the age of 17 can enter for free, and EU adults between the ages of 18-24 can enjoy discounted rates on the Royal Palace of Caserta tickets.

Plan your visit to Royal Palace of Caserta



The Royal Palace of Caserta has two entrances:

  • Piazza Carlo di Borbone: This is the main entrance of the Royal Palace, where the ticket office is located. It has preferential access for disabled persons and mandatory access for ArteCard holders. This entrance is recommended for those arriving from Caserta railway station.
  • Corso Giannone: The Corso Giannone entrance offers direct access to the Royal Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta. This entrance is particularly convenient for visitors who prefer a more straightforward route into the park, especially those who plan to explore the outdoor areas and gardens. Bike rental service available at the entrance of the Royal Park (Palace side).

The Palace aims to provide full access to the Vanvitellian Complex and facilitate the enjoyment of its spaces and cultural contents for everyone.

royal palace of caserta accessibility
  • The palace is accessible by wheelchair, with an elevator available for the exclusive use of visitors with disabilities. Should you need assistance, ask the staff at the entrance.
  • The palace has accessible restrooms.
  • Parking is not permitted inside the palace, but there are parking options near the main entrance in Piazza Carlo di Borbone, including an underground parking lot and paid parking spots.
  • A shuttle service is available to transport visitors within the palace grounds and to the English Garden.
  • You can access the palace by bicycle through the Corso Pietro Giannone, 15 entrance.
  • The Royal Palace of Caserta offers free admission to visitors with disabilities and their companions, subject to certain conditions.
  • Be respectful of other visitors and staff.
  • Dress modestly and appropriately.
  • Only service dogs are allowed.
  • Vehicles, bicycles (in specific areas), drones, and weapons are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized sales are not permitted.
  • Dispose of waste properly and avoid littering.
  • Treat the historical and artistic heritage with care.
  • Photography and filming for commercial purposes are not allowed.
  • Stay within the designated visitor areas.
  • The Royal Palace enforces strict entry times to manage crowd control. It is imperative to arrive punctually, as your ticket includes a maximum 15-minute grace period for late arrivals.
  • Climb the stairs to the artificial cave called "the Dungeon" at the top of the waterfall for a stunning view of the gardens, palace, and beyond, including Mount Vesuvius and the island of Capri. 
  • Get a map at the bookshop to make sure that you don’t get lost on the vast property.
  • If you want to use the toilet, it is better that you use the paid ones as they will be cleaner than the free ones.
  • Walking the length of the park takes 35-40 minutes. Consider taking the paid shuttle bus (€2.50 return) or renting a bike (€4/hr), especially if you have small children or elderly.
  • There are two on-site cafeterias, but they can be pricey. Bringing your own food is a more cost-effective option. For a coffee break, stop at the food courts located at the beginning and end of the Royal Palace, one inside the building and another near the English Garden.
  • For a quick bite, try Pizzeria I Masanielli for their famous “pizza a canotto”. Alternatively, visit the La Reggia Designer Outlet nearby for upscale shopping and dining options. The park has many shaded areas where you can take breaks. Plan your visit to include rest stops, especially if you’re doing the two-mile hike to the cascade. The palace grounds include restrooms, cafes, and souvenir shops. Plan time for these amenities, especially if exploring the extensive gardens.
book shop royal palace of caserta

There is a book shop located at the entrance of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

Apart from maps and guides, you can also avail books on Luigi Vanvitelli’s works, the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, the Bourbon Dynasty, the city of Caserta and surrounding provinces, and also other famous archeological sites like Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Phlegraean Fields.

There are also merchandise, souvenirs and art and craft products available here. These include reproductions of old prints, calendars, porcelain, collectible dolls with silk clothes from San Leucio, and more.

Address: Bookshop Colonnese Reggia Di Caserta, Viale Giulio Douhet, 2/a, 81100 Caserta CE, Italy

Find on Maps

royal palace of caserta tickets
  • Cafeteria and Buvette: Located on the left side of the Royal Park gate, this cafe is managed by the Daman Consortium. Visitors can savor local delicacies while taking in the beautiful, rejuvenating view of the park.
  • Diana & Atteone Restaurant: Located in the Royal Park, this restaurant is a concessionaire of the Daman Consortium and offers a lunch prepared with care and attention using typical local products. Enjoy your meal like a royal in a relaxed ambience with a breathtaking view. 
  • Pizzeria I Masanielli: Pizzeria I Masanielli is a highly acclaimed pizzeria known for its high-quality pizzas inspired by local traditions with a modern twist.
stay near royal palace of caserta

Budget Hotels: B&B Tartaglione (1 km), Little Sweet Escape (4.2 km)

Mid-Range Hotels: B&B Stazione La Reggia (1 km), Celeste Room (1.8 km), B&B Viella Salomone (2.6 km)

Luxury Hotels: Hotel Royal Caserta (400 m), Welchome Charming House (500 m)

Beyond the Royal Palace of Caserta

silk museum

Silk Museum (Museo della Seta)

Distance: 5.8 km

Located in the heart of Caserta, this museum tells the story of silk production in the region. Exhibits showcase the history of silk, the various stages of silk production, and the tools and machinery used in the process.

San Leucio Complex 

San Leucio Complex 

Distance: 5.1 km

This 18th-century silk factory complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. King Ferdinand IV established it as a model socialist town with a restored silk factory, royal apartments, and stunning views. 



Distance: 12.1 km

This charming medieval hill town perched above Caserta offers a glimpse into a bygone era. Explore the narrow cobbled streets, the ruins of a 12th-century castle, and the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo.

Frequently asked questions about Royal Palace of Caserta tickets

What is the ArteCard Campania and how does it work for entry to the palace?

The ArteCard Campania is a cultural pass that offers discounted or free entry to numerous cultural sites in the Campania region, including the Royal Palace of Caserta. With this card, you can enjoy free entry for your first visit to the palace (if using the 3-day card or the 7-day card’s free visit slots) or a reduced ticket price for subsequent visits. It’s a great option for those planning to explore multiple attractions in the region.

Can I get a refund or change my ticket after purchase?

No, tickets to the Royal Palace of Caserta are non-refundable and non-changeable. It is important to double-check your plans and ensure you select the correct date and time before completing your purchase.

Are there any discounts available on the Royal Palace of Caserta tickets?

Yes. Children under the age of 17 can enter the palace for free. EU adults aged 18-14 can enjoy discounts on Royal Palace of Caserta tickets. Make sure to carry a valid ID proof.

How long should I plan to spend at the Royal Palace of Caserta?

You should plan to spend at least half a day (4-5 hours) at the Royal Palace of Caserta to fully appreciate both the Royal Apartments and the expansive park. If you want to explore in-depth, including the English Garden and the various exhibitions, consider allocating a full day. Guided tours can take about 2-2.5 hours, but additional time will be needed if you plan to explore on your own, rest, or have a meal at one of the on-site cafes.

How strict are the entry times and what happens if I'm late?

The Royal Palace of Caserta enforces strict entry times to manage crowd control and enhance the visitor experience. It's crucial to arrive punctually as your ticket allows for a maximum 15-minute grace period for late arrivals. If you miss this window, you may be denied entry, and since tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable, you would need to purchase a new ticket to enter.

Are photography and videography allowed inside the palace and park?

Photography and videography are generally allowed for personal use. However, using tripods, selfie sticks, or professional equipment are restricted, and taking videos or photos for profit or publication is not permitted.

Are there any combined tickets available that include other nearby attractions?

Sorry, at the moment there aren't any combined tickets with attractions in Caserta.

Do I need to print my ticket, or can I show it on my smartphone?

You can show your ticket on your smartphone. There's no need to print it, as digital tickets are accepted at the entrance.

Is advance booking necessary, or can tickets be purchased on the day of the visit?

While tickets can be purchased on the day of the visit, it is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and avoid long queues.

Are there any accessibility discounts or special provisions for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, visitors with disabilities can benefit from free entry to the Royal Palace of Caserta. The palace also offers accessible pathways and facilities to ensure a comfortable visit. Make sure to bring the necessary documentation to validate eligibility for these provisions.

What identification is required for reduced or free entry tickets?

Identification such as student IDs, senior citizen cards, or disability certificates is required to avail reduced or free entry tickets. Ensure you carry the necessary documents to validate your eligibility for these discounts.

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